UDS-E Digital Piezo Scaler

ref: CAV25111930

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Model UDS-E:
���Handpiece compatible with all EMS handpieces and tips
���EMS Compatible Handpiece

Model UDS-ES:
���Handpiece compatible with all Satelec handpieces, tips and all NSK tips
���Satelec Compatible Handpiece

Fully digital control system with 3 mode selection switch. Digital control provides better scaling efficiency and a more precise power control

3 preset scaling modes:

* General:
Standard variable output for supragingival scaling

* Perio:
Preset reduced power setting for optimum patient comfort

* Endo:
Reduces the power to allow for functionality with most endo procedures


Unit, handpiece, 6 regular tips (G1, G2, G3, G4, P1, E 1), 1 diamond tip (P4D), 1 DIAMOND-Endo post removal tip (P4D), Endo file wrench, scaling tip wrench, power transformer, foot pedal, 2 bottles (1 large and 1 small), autoclavable tip holder, and instructions