ImageMaxAutomatic X-Ray Film Processor

ref: DEV13011320

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Has not been tested and cannot be warranted

Factory updates are available in Spokane. Machine was supposedly working in the office

Virtually self-cleaning
Has the ability to both heat and cool the developer
Absolutely no roller marks or artifacts
Correctly processes intra-oral and pan / ceph films
Fully self-contained
Separate drain for used fixer
Automatic system shut off
Small compact size and built to last

Solution Capacity: 4 1-quart tanks
Power Requirements: 8 amps @ 115 VAC (60 cycle)
Physical Dimensions: 18" wide, 19" high, 13" deep
Weight (Dry): 28 pounds
Room Operating Temperature: 60� to 85� Fahrenheit
Internal Pump Pressure & Vacuum: Regulated to 7 PSI & 7 Hg