ProFile GT Rotary Instrument Starter Kit

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ProFile GT Rotary Instrument Starter Kit
Simple by design, GT rotary instruments are made of nickel titanium alloy which allows them the flexibility to maneuver the most difficult canal curvatures. Originally designed by L. Stephen Buchanan, D.D.S., these files feature 15 distinct tip and taper size variations

* A shorter latch-grip handle for easier placement in posterior teeth
* Length determination bands etched on the file shanks for setting stops without rulers
* A unified taper and tip identification system
* Nickel titanium construction provides both strength and flexibility in curved canals
* Standard ISO color sequence on the main ring of the handles makes the tip size easily identifiable
* A set of smaller rings grouped near the top of the handle indicates the instrument's taper- each ring equaling a taper factor of two

The starter kit consists of 10 files

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