(New) Enbio S Fully Automatic Class B Steam Autoclave Sterilizer


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Enbio S Fully Automatic Class B Steam Autoclave

World’s Fastest Cycles

  • Why would you waste an hour on something you can do in 7 minutes?
  • Enbio S is the fastest sterilizer on the market. It is also gloriously intuitive and easy to use.

Process times

All process times are drying included. Start-to-end, from instrument insertion to having them ready.

  • Unwrapped
    FAST / 134°C
    7 min

  • Wrapped/Unwrapped
    Class B / 134°C
    15 min

  • Wrapped/Unwrapped
    Class B / 121°C
    30 min

                                                   Sterilize tools between patients


Tray Size:

11 x 7 x 1.3  inches

28 x 18 x 3.5  cm

Smaller But Better

Smaller and lighter 

Can run 50 full cycles in a day!

Hold up to 8 pouches at once

Full Drying 

Full drying capability with

15-minute wrapped cycles.

Pouches come out bone dry!

Incredibly Silent

So quiet you will barely notice

the sterilizer is running.

USB Datalogger

Record and store cycle data on USB

Downloadable Software to

archive cycle data and notes


Why is it worth having Enbio?

A price you are ready for

- The highest quality for the lowest price. Operating costs that are revolutionary low.

Intuitive and easy to use

- No programming. No logging in. Sterilization in just two steps - switch it on, choose your mode, use it.

Automatic reporting

- No more saving and printing. Your reports are automatically saved on the inserted USB stick.

Sterlization of several tool packs at the same time

- Save time and sterilize several tool packs at the same time - up to 8 packs at once!

Safety and precision

Ensure the highest level of safety for you and your clients with Swiss technology.