MagnaVu Video Microscope

ref: SPE18111361

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The MagnaVu PS3 Dental Procedure Scopes are available in various configurations to best meet the needs of your office, such as Wall mounted, Counter-Top, Ceiling and Track units, and Floor Post mounts. Our powerful cool white light can take the place of your current operatory light. In fact, most offices remove the existing light and replace it with our Dental procedure Scope in the same location. It�s that easy! We also have self-contained mobile units. These carts can be customized by adding your own DVD player/recorders to record complete exams and procedures
MVD offers a complete line of Dental Procedure scopes to fit your every need. All MagnaVu PS3 products come with built-in reverse image switch, hands-free motorized optical Zoom-in and Zoom out (1X to 23X), hands-free Image freeze frame, light intensity controls and a digital zoom (up to 46X). Our simple to use units work with, or without computers, so for those with PC's in your ops, you can easily connect the MagnaVu to your computer and save images into your current Dental software that will allow you to capture and store images or even record live video clips. The MagnaVu offers multiple video outputs, so your options are never limited or out of date. There are many mounting options. Please call to get a price quote.