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New PANOURA 18S PAN / CEPH / 3D Contains: Panoura 18S, EVASoft Imaging Software, In-Office Training 3D versions come with OnDemand, Imaging Software, Panoura 18S features auto-correction for suboptimal patient positioning. Without this, an already suboptimal image (from a pan with a lower-quality sensor) can be further degraded if the patient is not positioned optimally. With the Panoura, the very high data-capture sensor acquires many �layers� of image data. This allows the powerful software to auto-correct for suboptimal patient positioning. It�s the 16 bit sensor. A 16 bit sensor has twice as many greyshades that can be presented in each pixel, Our 3D rendering technology allows for detailed zoom-in capabilities without resolution loss. Instead of simply magnifying, using a high-end CMOS sensor that can be transferred to an optional cephalometric arm. With a user-adjustable focal trough, errant images can be brought back into focus after acquisition. At various speeds, the Panoura 18S can take a quick pan of six seconds, up to a 16-second pan for maximum resolution. Call for Price